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There's Nobody Like You

Nobody but you can make my heart skip a beat everytime they come around,
And nobody else can take away my pain, without using a single sound.
Nobody can rub there hands through my hair and make me feel the way you do,
Nobody can ever conquer my heart like you.
Nobody can ever look into my eyes and make me feel like a queen,
You got the most gorgeous eyes and outrageous smile that I've ever seen.
You give me shivers when you rub my face and say that you love me,
In that moment I am the happiest woman there ever could be.
I wish I knew for sure that forever I can be your only one,
And that forever we can fight strong and do the things that need to be done.
I hope someday I can carry your little girl or boy,
I want to share the laughter, and our precious little joy.
If I can't love you untilt the end of time,
I will live my life alone independently, I don't need no one to be mine.
Becasue I know I will never love the same way again,
I wont let you go as my lover, and become just a friend.
I love you to much to just let you go,
We are meant to be forever, and that you should already know..
Ryan..I love you baby...more then anything in this world...cant wait to have our little boy/girl...

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