There's None Of Us Perfect

There's none of us perfect one hundred per cent right
Our demons in life we are called on to fight
The most perfect of people are flawed in some way
Do you think that this is a fair thing to say?

My own imperfections I do fail to see
The others are flawed the flawed one is not me
An imperfect gene with so many we share
Yet of our own shortcomings we do not seem aware.

We do take great pride in our every success
And others we do our best for to impress
The great names in human history we recall
Though death proved them to be mortal after all.

Recognition 'tis said is good for our self esteem
But there's none of us perfect or so it does seem
For success with others we always compete
And even a near perfect person I have yet to meet.

by Francis Duggan

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