There's Nothing Can Beat Your Love

Honey, the world is not enough
To replace you
As a replacement
I couldn’t walk a straight line
Whenever I playback your images
In my mind
Every single thing I do
I do it for you

Seemingly three months after we met
I felt like I’m in a transition
The moment I fantasizing you
My testosterone level escalated dramatically
The moment we sat down and conversed
Over the candlelights dines
My adrenalin rush elevated
And showering inside me

The touch of your fingers
On my hands
Aroused my bodily hairs
Like an afternoon breeze
On the prairie
It sways and sways

A glimpse into your glossy crayon eyes
Would make me cry
Thinking how finest
Was God’s creation
Your sharp straight nose
Is a stimulus
To my lips
I felt like crunching it
With my snowy white teeth
But I could not
Cuz your flesh is mine too

When our lips become one
I thanked to my parents
For bringing me into this world
The finest gift I could ever have had
Your morning breath
Is like a lifeline in need
I felt afresh and alive
Your voice is stimulation
I had to live a thousand years
To have another voice like that

Honey, to live with you
Till death
Is like sailing
To the rivers of Babylon
Guarded by Moses shields
Our ship, as big as King Tot’s palace
Our bed were made of gold
The whole structures were made of Emerald
We keep on sailing
Just you and me
To eternity

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (2)

waoh. you sure are someone that has spirit of love. this poem is amazing! (Andres)
sulaiman, Your Poetry is wonderful... Thanks for your kind comments. Tsira