SE (July 19,1991 / Calgary AB)

There's So Much

There's so much I cant explain,
theirs just so much feelings,
just so much pain,
I try to tell people what I feel,
but they just dont understand,
they dont know whats real,
I try to do things right not wrong,
but every turn I take,
I can't seem to be strong,
is trying to be strong really this hard,
will I find the answer to this,
or will I just end up scarred,
theirs so much questions i want to ask,
but trying to find the asnwers,
I guess is my task,
I keep thinking to myself about each new day,
and what to do and think,
to help me on my way,
I know deep in my heart things will turn around,
I know i just have to wait,
and try not to feel so down.

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