For Saundra

I wanted to write
a poem
that rhymes
but revolution doesn't lend
itself to be-bopping

then my neighbor
who thinks i hate
asked - do you ever write
tree poems - i like trees
so i thought
i'll write a beautiful green tree poem
peeked from my window
to check the image
noticed that the school yard was covered
with asphalt
no green - no trees grow
in manhattan

then, well, i thought the sky
i'll do a big blue sky poem
but all the clouds have winged
low since no-Dick was elected

so i thought again
and it occurred to me
maybe i shouldn't write
at all
but clean my gun
and check my kerosene supply

perhaps these are not poetic
at all

by Nikki Giovanni

Comments (5)

The suppressed anger sometimes become uncontrollable and explode.The bullying a child faces in the school may make him too timid or a rebel in later stage.The school administration should keep watch over children who bully weaker children.
Superb... from alpha to omega... I could not help but be entranched from behind those eyes. Back home again and can definitely relate to the title, in th for 10! .
Tis an amazing poem. It reads really well. I like the way youve drawn on a lot of experiences that are caused by this one person inside your head. Well done!
I love this poem it flows so well and i loving the rhyming it suits your style very well
very nice write....ending was awesome! ! ! ! i like the anologies that you used as well...10 hands down! ! Brian