TI (06/10/1989 / Russian Federation, Novorossiysk)

There's Something Eternal In Here

There's something eternal in here,
There's something eternal in life:
Instead of despair and fear
You'd better continue your strife!

No shields, no swords, no spears,
And no reliable friends? ..
What's left is your burden of tears
And sadness that never ends?

Your night is eternally starless,
And feelings all painted in black?
You know, we'll never get scarless
While watching the destiny's back.

Turn 'round when everything grows
All gloomy and dark by your side:
It's so strange that nobody knows
Their reasons to have their pride.

What's eternal is friendship and care
For the ones that you cherish indeed:
They can break both pain and nightmare;
To the light, to the life they can lead!

Do you know what strengthens my soul
When I think I'm unworthy of life,
And instead of my heart there's a hole
Like I've cut it with blade of a knife?

Neither light nor the moon - they inspire,
But can never support you in this;
You should look for the heat and the fire
That can promise - can give you! - the peace:

These are people, my friend, those fair
To rely on, to love and to cherish.
When you find them to meet and to care
Endless darkness and fears will perish.

by Tatyana Ivakhnina

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