The Lie

I never produce a lie before,
I have no means to lie,
I have always obtain the truth,
To inform you with the reality,
I just lied,
I only lie,
Only lie when I am hurting,
Hurting in the bounds of my soul,
My soul in which was battered,
Battered by the one,
The one that contained my heart,
My heart belonged to her,
I only lie,
Only lie when I am hurting,
Hurting all-around my soul,
My soul that has been ruptured,
Ruptured apart through the ones I love,
I love the ones,
The ones located within my heart,
My heart was a place for them,
They used me up,
Used me up for their advantage,
I was played,
I was used to make the whole thing easier,
Easier for them get what they want,
They want what they got,
All thanks to me,
I brought them what they requested,
I lie to them,
Lied to them by saying,
Saying that I am here to help,
To help them recover what ever thing they desire,
I only lie when,
When I experience worthlessness,
Despite that I am worthy,
I simply feel worthless,
I make believe to be happy,
Happy that everything is going correctly,
Correctly enough to continue with my life,
My life is a lie,
I was on no account happy,
I am miserable,
I am crushed,
I am vehement,
I am what I am,
All of this was completed by,
The lie.

by Daniel Caldera

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