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There Surely

There surely must be more to life than to live to work and die
And since the old horse in the paddock is no less a mortal than I
Success and failure all the same to all of us one day
Many will be cremated and many in the grave decay
I feel so sad for humankind each time I walk the street
So many people with sad faces every day I do meet
weighted down by their life worries or so 'twould seem that way
So many people of that sort I do see every day
There surely must be more to life than struggling to survive
Millions dying of hunger in the World whilst others big cars drive
The gap between the rich and poor has never been so wide
And to millions all around the World basic human rights are being denied
And there surely must be more to life that to work grow old and tire
As slowly from your body the breath of life expire.

by Francis Duggan

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