SAA (June 14,1983 / )

There They Wait...!

There they played, those memorable days,
And played in those moonless nights,
Played hide and seek, their candid innocent ways;
Played with carcasses and skulls, past midnights!

Fear besieged fear, no room for gloom,
Fetid remains underneath, where lost voices prayed,
And dead body is bride, grave its groom....
Amid old cemetery, and there they played!

There we went years later,
Souls dispersed in all ambers,
And observed those hopes shatter,
Still they lay beneath their chambers....

Reminiscences inexplicably played their part,
Crypts stood still, all dreary and gray,
Cleaved fortitude and heart apart,
Our final destination too, one inevitable day!

Lost voices echoed like unheard dolls,
Explored each tomb and grave, everywhere...
Vision explored ruins, those gloomy walls;
And heard twice- 'Who's there? Who's there? '

Copyright © 2008 SYED AMAAN AHMAD


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