Something Sweet

I long for something sweet
a bedtime treat.
A delight that I want to share,
fulfilling the needs at our cores.

A sweet sticky treat that
no matter how much you partake
for you and your mate it's never enough.
A treat you just want more and more.
A sweet treat that will always be there,
a sweet treat of delight that
is so much better to give than receive.

I long for this sweet treat,
but for now I shall wait.
For the day is soon coming
when me and my mate will
endlessly share this sweet sticky treat
which I'll share with her whenever she wants.

by Michael P. McParland

Comments (2)

So insightful, so beautiful
How sweetly this poem tells that each child forms into a person influenced by all he has seen and experienced: the early lilacs and all flowers, the birds and marsh grasses, tumbling waves and sky and all sights of the surrounding world, scents and sounds, voices and the touch of his mother and people encountered throughout life - surely we each become a different individual because of what we have seen and where we have been. This is so beautifully written in word pictures: 'the fragrance of salt marsh'... 'the light falling on roofs and gables'... 'the yearning and swelling heart'... our world.