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There Was A Time If Politicians

There was a time if politicians were caught cheating or to the public lied that was the end of their political career
But nowadays things are different our values have changed or at least that's how 'twould appear
We say that all politicians are crooks from them that's what we expect and their great job and salary they keep
But one day their past it will catch up on them what we sow one day we must reap,
Our Politicians are our mirror that's how it would seem they were elected by the majority
Of the nation's voters who bothered to vote what we deserve we get 'twould seem to me
We give power to rogues and we are not surprised when these rogues live up to their name
When caught out cheating and lying they cling to their jobs one might say that they are hard to shame,
The people we voted into office we say they are crooks of our values what does this say
We know they are dishonest but for them we vote is to be seen as untrustworthy now seen as okay?
And when they are caught lying and cheating we do not kick up a fuss there was a time not that long ago
When the Politicians who broke their swearing in pledge were the people that none wished to know
Of and were sacked things are so very different today
Politicians now caught cheating and lying keep their jobs and what of us all does that say?

by Francis Duggan

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