There Was A Time

There was a girl
who said that she'd hold me
would love and behold me
way back in my youth
we drifted apart
as did many there after
the love and the laughter
well I'm living proof

And oh it's a pleasure
to live lifes endeavours
and savour the wonders
of all you hold dear
so don't be afraid
it's life that your after
the tears and the laughter
are all yours my dear

There was a time
when the air tasted sweeter
fly away Peter
I ran and I played
but childhood won't last
so don't let the grass
grow from under your feet
stay ahead of the game

There was a boy
who thought life was pretty
the nit and the gritty
were all something new
an innocence gone
he sits back and wonders
he thinks and he ponders
what he's been through

Now an old man
the lights getting dimmer
a saint or a sinner
he hears no reply
he still carries on
but takes it more easy
experience tells him
the world will go on.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (3)

Ah, yes. Beautiful write, Charles. You are, perhaps, not quite old enow to be resigned, but wisdom arises early in the wise. - Will
A lot of soul searching going on here, Charlie. I like the way you write - simple yet elegant, and such a rhythmic style. Your poems are pure class. Linda
I enjoyed this poem. Lovely rhyme. Patricia Gale