Dont Eat With Satan!

Who says;
If you want to eat with Satan,
Use a long Spoon?
Stop! Dont get so confused-
That's a Taboo!

His proposal
You think is better,
Thus, falling for his abracadabra.
Not knowing later,
After all said and done-
He has Nothing to offer,
Selfish-Nothing to share,
Not even Love or Care.
Then, He gives a glare,
making it clear-
Your End-Time is near.

Have nothing to do with him,
Eat not with him-
Long spoon wont help still.
Believe me-
The only one to eat with,
Is Jehovah- God almighty.

by Von Classic

Comments (3)

It’s a limerik
what poetic form is this
So sad...yet nice humour...