Song Of Heart (Dramatic Monologue)

Song Of Heart - Dramatic Monologue
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I am, I am
So close a man
Why you keep me far
Why you close your door
I have been ever and ever
Your, what you may think, dear!

Touch me
Without any key
I will instantly open
How you want me, when
Likings and dislikings all are
Quite have been but just your,

Look at me
I am 100% ready
Please, take me in
You know I am alone
In this wide wide universe
An unseen dot is my existence,

I am so small
My brain is so dull
Can not understand you
Gracefully form me just now
Breaking my all that in and out
Keeping no a single point in doubt.

Copyright © Muzahidul Reza | 14 October, 2016

by Muzahidul Reza

Comments (11)

every website changes the words what the is this the literature book of gr 7 says there was an old man with a light who was dressed in a garment of white
It's a good poem and it rhymes good. In my class everbody wrote the same
Buzz and brute... two angles of views...beautiful :)
Excellent Limerick! Enjoyed reading it. Great humour!
Outstanding limerick displaying a fantastic imagery and sense of humor. Thanks for sharing it here.
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