(12 May 1812 – 29 January 1888 / London / England)

My Revolution

To this revolution I bear witness
The reasons for it, unknown
The force which fuels it unclear
The momentum it sets in motion, visible
The sources of this force blur
I am just a witness
No part in it for me to play
No words in it for me to say
Its alive its rage I feel
But this rage is silent
Contained or controlled I cannot judge
It has no leaders no intend
But in no way reaching an end
I see its rise and also I witness its fall
It clashes to the granite borders
Shatters itself to smithereens
Yet by the next wind,
Gathers itself up again to hit back
Only to die again
Only to live again
Only to rise again
This quest of sea and land
Cycle of salt and sand.
Is the sea the rebel, or is it the rocky land
Is the rebellion in me or you, my dear sea
Till I see you tomorrow,
Good luck

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every website changes the words what the is this the literature book of gr 7 says there was an old man with a light who was dressed in a garment of white
It's a good poem and it rhymes good. In my class everbody wrote the same
Buzz and brute... two angles of views...beautiful :)
Excellent Limerick! Enjoyed reading it. Great humour!
Outstanding limerick displaying a fantastic imagery and sense of humor. Thanks for sharing it here.
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