Listen to music, listen how it explodes…
Feelings so confusing, how it reaches my soul!
I am lost for a moment, lost in this enthralling whirl,
I am come from an Odyssey, ‘tis ere you a prophesy.

A steady stallion, fleeting in green fields…
The enemies of ours, waiting in bushy greens,
‘Tis times for no cowards, the enemy’s harkening…
Here in a dangerous hour, we are facing our end - it seems.

It is a glorious moment, if your soul is not tint…
Time to linger in onsets, of unpleasurable whims,
For the demons of death, that grimacing lot…
Brace it we shall, for our moment is come.

For unknown causes we fight,
In the dark where no light,
Hides the wails of our might…
Where we fall in one strike…
To find no morning, with our beautiful brides.

Tis the end of our times,
For the fittest we are tried…
In my strength I defend, my love an’ my friends.
When curtained, certain’d of my end…

Will I animate a mime?
Cause my kind to recline…
The fear in their mind,
What they see or shall find….
Once a beautiful rhyme,
Finds its end in time…

Tis the end of our time…Armageddon!
Here am I!

by Merlin Mwaura

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every website changes the words what the is this the literature book of gr 7 says there was an old man with a light who was dressed in a garment of white
It's a good poem and it rhymes good. In my class everbody wrote the same
Buzz and brute... two angles of views...beautiful :)
Excellent Limerick! Enjoyed reading it. Great humour!
Outstanding limerick displaying a fantastic imagery and sense of humor. Thanks for sharing it here.
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