God Is Love

Wonderful! And in Truth we worship Him
Counselor. Shares my yoke; He gives faith, hope
The Mighty God; Holy, Holy, Holy!
The Everlasting Father gives all Love

Prince of Peace to forgive and remain true
The only ground on which God can forgive
Means Calvary. Messiah Love and nothing less
The love of God spelt on the Cross and nowhere else.
Through the Cross of My Lord Forgiveness means
Born again; Amazing Grace; Resurrection!

Miracle! To turn me, an unholy one,
Into the new disposition of Jesus Christ.
To change an unholy one To Himself, The Holy One
Redemption! Salvation! Jesus Christ is Love!
Thank you, Jesus.

by Joshua Merchand

Comments (11)

every website changes the words what the is this the literature book of gr 7 says there was an old man with a light who was dressed in a garment of white
It's a good poem and it rhymes good. In my class everbody wrote the same
Buzz and brute... two angles of views...beautiful :)
Excellent Limerick! Enjoyed reading it. Great humour!
Outstanding limerick displaying a fantastic imagery and sense of humor. Thanks for sharing it here.
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