Big Kiss And A Smile

A big kiss to you my sweet one
with a big smile filled with true love.
True love for my lady who I find so grand,
with a big kiss and smile to give you my warmth.
A big kiss to you with a smile of joy
sweet Kira my love I so deeply love you.

A big kiss of comfort to you my sweet one,
a big smile to brighten your day.
Sweet kisses and smiles because you are my one,
Kira you are the most beautiful woman on this whole earth.
A big kiss and smile filled with pure love.
You are the Angel I truly care for and love.

A big kiss and smile to say I love
and miss you so much.
A big kiss of peace to soothe your sweet heart.
A big smile for you so you'll always know
that I am here for you darling no matter what.
That I am faithful to you in every way.

A big kiss my darling just to
give us both smiles.
You fill me with sunshine and so many feelings,
I adore you sweet one and will through life
give you endless kisses.
I love you sweet Kira please smile for me.

by Michael P. McParland

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