Mothers Valentines Day Card

Thank-you for yesterday, today and forever

For all the special moments
Right from the start
And offering me both
Your love and your heart
For Being So thoughtful
In All That You Do
Overlooking My Faults
And Understanding Me To

For all our tomorrows
Whatever They Hold
And for sharing a love
That wont ever grow old
With this I give my love
And A special wish to
That You'll Be as happy as I With You
I Love You

The Person Who Wrote The Valentines Card
Its Cute, ,
So I Put It On Here

by Kaitlyn Breitkreutz

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Comments (5)

in the pint of her belly........... pit? i really don't understand this poem. bri ;)
poetic language choices! I'd like to read more too. I see you have a website and a book...
thats a really good poem, I really enjoyed reading it, I hope you post more. your a good writer.
Wow, 'bells'..those are deep and nice metaphor... :)
Nice! Congratulations