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There Will Always Be Rhymers And We Will Always Have Rhyme

Perhaps it is true what some do claim that anybody can write in rhyme
A style of writing that belongs to another time
The days of the rhymers are in the long gone
That is if you heed the words of the literary don
Educated people have killed rhyme it does seem fair to say
Rhyme that once was lauded as poetry dismissed as doggerel today
By literary critics who non rhymers promote
In their literary columns to the status of poet
The literary tastes of the literary dons one might say have changed fast
And rhymers and bush poets nowadays seen to be of the past
By the organizers of the top poetry reading nights who run an exclusive club
Rhymers never invited to read they are given the snub
And though they may be seen to be of another time
There will always be rhymers and we will always have rhyme.

by Francis Duggan

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