There Will Be Many New Faces

There will be many new faces in Ireland's thirty first Dail
As Irish political reputations like dominos fall
Some have already opted for their huge parliamentary pensions and from politics walked away
To save themselves further bruising to their monster egos they have called it a day

That love of self to them comes before love of Country they do not leave us in any doubt
Retirement on a lavish pension for them seems the easy way out
The thought of voter rejection they could not bring themselves to face
When big political egos are at stake for courage and principle there does not seem a place

That the E U is propping up the Irish economy disappointing to say the least
The once proud and healthy Celtic Tiger is now an ailing beast
There will be many new faces in Ireland's thirty first Dail
Suppose any small change is better than no change at all

But in Ireland they will still be ruled by the same old parties they have been ruled by for years
The pride of old Irish patriots and old Irish dears
Whilst the gap between the haves and the have nots keeps on growing ever wide
There is some price to pay for patriotic pride.

by Francis Duggan

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