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There Will Come A Time

There will come a day a day most people dread when my ears will be stone deaf to bird song
When nothingness and i will be the same and with the earth of Nature I'll belong
And enemies and friends are of the same i will not know if from me they are far or near
Beyond all feelings lifeless as a stone without any sense of bravery or fear,
Without the senses living life can bring without the feelings of joy or unhappiness
Death brings an end to laughter and to tears and an end to feelings of elation and stress
There will come a time when i will be no more and from me that cannot be far away
I am not that far from my use by date and one might say I've known a better day
All things that breathe the air of life must die and what happens after that then who can tell
Though many are convinced the soul lives on for to dwell forever in a heaven or a hell
No less a mortal than the sheep or cow no less a mortal than the deer or roo
We are not very long lived after all not longer lived than the long lived cockatoo
There will come a time when we will be no more but it will not matter to us when the life from us has gone
For we will be as dead as the lifeless stone and without us life it surely will go on.

by Francis Duggan

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