There Would Be A Door To Open

I've never been here before.
To knocked on many doors,
Until one opened.
To then be scrutinized,
If I had the capabilities to be inside.
And I thought to myself,
'Comprehend the lesson.
And absorb the experience of it.'

And at first I was offended,
Thinking I was being criticized.
But I wasn't the one to doubt my abilities.
Nor will I spend my time applying denial.
I can't.
My ambitions wont let me.

It was only until I was told I was over-qualified,
That I began to realize...
I was not the one incompetent.
I was the one sent away,
By the ones relieved of embarrassment.
Only to misunderstand what success meant.

Once I am given a task I am focused.
With a seriousness to dispense.
While others might joke or waste time for laughs.

I've never been here before,
To be made to feel...
That my efforts and attempts,
Would have others seek to defeat me.
Team work like that doesn't make sense.

And then it dawned on me with such clarity,
'One day there would be a door to open.
And those sitting behind it who are competent,
Would regard what I offer as a benefit to all.
And would not fear who receives or gets attention.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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