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There Would Be Hell To Pay

With North and South Korea threatening each other today
A Nuclear War may not be that far away
Two wrongs never make a right is all i have to say
But in war for Koreans North and South there would be hell to pay
Neither Government leaders will compromise due to their inflated sense of pride
This is what usually happens when big egos collide
The lives and safety of their citizens they never take into account
Such things to egotistical people of great power to nothing does amount
Compassion and insight to such people never seems to apply
Of such gifts they always seem in short supply
That thousands of their people would die does not phase them at all
But like it is said of pride it come before a fall
A Nuclear war between North and South Korea would be a catastrophe indeed
Of which Korea and the Human World of is not in need.

by Francis Duggan

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