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Theres No Way To Describe
JH (11-15-72 / Amarillo, Texas)

Theres No Way To Describe

Theres no way to describe what Im feeling inside
None of my dreams could even compare
To this Love that we share
Just seeing a smile on your face
Puts all the pieces into place
And when Im wrapped in your arms so strong
I know Ive finnally found where I belong
Theres no way to describe
The way I feel when I look into your eyes
The passion that burns way down deep
Inside my soul where only youve reached
These feelings I feel to my very core
And there feelings Ive never felt or experienced before
So how could I describe
This fire I have burning inside
Flames that run from head to toe
That I feel like I could possibly explode
I cant describe the way you make me feel
I can only tell you its all so real! ! !

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