Theres Nothing Like Killing Yourself - Part 2

Just another one,
Just one little one,
One more wont hurt,
I promise it's the last,
I'll work it off,
It wont make a difference,
Just something to take away the pain,
Of my burning insides,
I can feel them dying,
This self-inflicted cruelty,
Too much to bare,
Yet I don't take the grape,
I continue to stare.

Don't touch the grape,
You fat disgusting bitch,
How can you ever,
Expect to be thin,
With no self-disiplin?
You won't work it off,
You'll lie on your bed,
Wishing you were dead,
Better to starve now,
Than to cry about it later,
Don't look so blue,
I'm only doing it for you.

But I can't go on,
Not like this,
Surely theres a better way,
I call out for an answer,
Silence comes in return,
So still,
I hold out,
Breakfast will come soon,
I don't take the grape,
Only another 21 hours to wait.

by Lily Espinosa

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