Machines Will Take Over!

We are sleepwalking into disaster
Those machines are running much faster
Survellance will come unbound
Leaking surveys all around
Privacy will be no more
As machines will take over that chore
Emphasised on people
Wrongly accused on crime
It is not just a camera
On our streets
It's technology monitoring our movements
More and more information collected
We are leaving an electronic footprint
Can be seen as a broader exploration
Beware! .....
Machines will take over civilization.....
And soon! ......

by suzan gumush

Comments (5)

So entrenched in so many different directions, yet worded quite masterfully.... When I saw the word 'Thermoregulation' in the title I thought this might be some heady- brainy sort of writing that would require deep thought - scientific jargon to softly emasculate away my softer tones - my inner desire to envision beauty through poetry - finding that certain 'something' through emotion, not thought, that intense feeling of love and peace that our hearts desire intrinsically. Yet by the end of this poem I found only my heart touched, so incredibly and wonderfully so..... Very serene, and perfect choice for Poem of the day. Thank you poet, and poemhunter...
This is amazing. I'm glad I get to rid some of your stuff here. This is not soon to be forgotten.
This poem strikes deeply. It captures well that sense of distance between us and so many others who we come in contact with every day. We cannot warm ourselves by standing on the other side of a one way mirror, studying our neighbor, figuring them out; that academic distance keeps us cold and safe, but out of the warmth and shudder of intimacy. That nurse new that distance, wanted to break that distance, but knew that it would mean breaking herself. We crawl into the arms of another when we are freed from the burden of independence, and we are understood and understand others only when we enter into their own heaven and hell and allow the mystery of their being to speak to our open hearts. Thank you B.H. Fairchild for this incredible poem!
I am left quietly stunned by this. The way it is constructed, leading the reader on to the awful, soft climax. superb.
This poem takes my breath away.