Theropy #2

The power of a razor blade.
Sharp and takes away a life.
Putting your family to shame.
Be careful or you'll pay the price.

It starts out slight and faint.
But grows as so your pain.
The relief isnt all that great.
and still I know im to blame.

Bringing my family in this.
How stupid am I.
Ugh, always taking a stupid risk.
I wish I would die.

Maybe one day ill tell the blade to take me.
Foolish, Stupid, and attention seeking.
As far as I can see.
Well the blade knows what i mean.

So even if you do care.
I know you dont love me.
Thats what you said but not what I hear.
Its like you hit one with the bleeding beam.

Its spilling to fast.
To fast to stop.
Crying saying what would be my last.
As I slowly drop.

To the ground.
When I relize im over reacting.
Then I hear the scream, which is to loud.
In my head, common since is what im lacking.

Well we'll start over once again.
See ya tomorrow, same time same place.
Tomorrow ill try and talk to my friend
Or myself in your case

by Tiara Neal

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It's sad when you need to turn to something that hurts you to get rid of the pain. Great write, Rissa