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These Bends
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These Bends

Poem By victoria mcvicar

I’m more than a little lost and found
But this town, it is dead
And there’s to many hypocrisies in my head
And it just wind, wind, unwinds me out

Just give me some time
Then give me a place, (somewhere new)
Bewildering concepts of time and space
They all just wind, unwind, wind out of me

A year and a day and three broken hearts are
Books lined up on the shelves of
Too many words I said
But I just wind, wind, unwind myself

Ghosts of a thousand memories
Have taken over this place just
Faces in dreams and corners
They help me wind, wind unwind myself out

Of this place and at this time
I need a new escape
When is my next escape?
Or release, from me, my mind, my fears, my dreams
So I don’t wind, wind, unwind, myself out of here

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