These Days

These days
Smoooooth as a chocolate mudslide
Bright as a beach on the coast of Spain
Easy days.
Deep as a full breath,
As light as a popcorn cloud.
Sounds touching the face,
A tropical rain on a palm leaf falls.

Lazy as a baritone voice in my ear,
Lulling life away in some sleep beyond the hinterlands.
Living in between the seconds of the clock.
Rising chest …falling breast, breath slow
Zen days
Cooool days.

Dance of calm dervishes circles around my head
The warm air blows the dust from the corners of my brain
Meditating in a morning sun ray
Naked body in a warm creek,
‘Should be’ days.

All around, encased in a pillow, dense as peace.
Sly like a wink.
With a hint of Verona on the air
Café days.
Savannah days

Turquoise breeze.
Tea in a foreign land kinda day.
Crawfish on the bayou,
Red on a soft cheek, smiling.
Smirk on a cat kinda day.
These days.

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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