Who Cares?

Through the tears I fall,
Falling through until I hit a wall
I look through and all I see it,
Death up to my ripped knees,
People moan and I see their faces,
Wanting to cry, I can feel their pain,
All I want is to be alone;
With out this shadow I can hear its drone,
I hear it chanting some thing abnormal
They can’t hear all my morals
I’m scared I am dying and to them it’s a show,
I must fight for my life and prove that it’s wrong,
I must not listen to their luring song,
But I’m falling again and again,
Never getting any closer to were I began,
I’m afraid of this place I think I’m stuck in time,
I’m not living I’m not dead and what isn’t mine.

by Vonnie Enochs

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I like the image of the writer hard at work in the middle of the night driven by his inner compulsion to communicate that great thought, that totality of emotion, in a perfect line.
The heavenly muse Uttering her immortal words
The sound of the scribe's pen In the stillness of the night is indeed The heavenly muse Uttering her immortal words