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These Feelings

Running like a speeding bullet, my heart races
For days I've thought about your sweet embraces
Now the day is finally here and I am too scared
I don't want to reveal too much to push you away
But from the look in your eyes, you feel the same way

The heat from your body keeps me warm
And with your tender touch all my fears disappear
You run your fingers down my thighs
And we steer back in each other's eyes
I know this was the perfect moment to let my feelings show
I let my hand flow through your hair
And by that touch I knew you would know

In an instant you kissed me
It is something I am longer for, and now you've fulfilled me
Oh Your sweet lips, I don't want to let go
This kiss is one I shall never forget, for it seems a lifetime
A lifetime I do not want to end.

by Monique Tucker

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