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These Hours
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These Hours

Poem By Elizabeth Stone

These hours that are killing you...
I hate these hours, these minutes.
All words are empty and matter to no one
I want to light the sky and burn the moon
I want the world to be in flames.
Don’t leave me here alone so soon!
I’m left crying empty tears
I’m left here in silence
To sing, to dance, to breathe, to live –
I can not.
Don’t leave me here!

I will run around the world.
I will bring you flowers and sunrises
the night sky and summer evenings
the smell on spring and the winds of winter.
We will dance on clouds and kiss the stars
We will ride the rainbow and drink from dewdrops.
Tell me with your lips of death, and I will run.
Don’t leave me here in an empty world!
Don’t leave me here without the sun!

We need to forget time
forget the good, the bad.
The time we lost and will lose again.
We need to forget happiness and love,
we need to forgive life and forgive
these hours that are killing you!
Don’t leave me here.
I can not forget! I will not forgive!
I am unable to expunge.
I find no peace.
Don’t leave me here with these murderous hours!
Don’t leave me here without a meaning to live!

I need you to make these hours mine.
If you go away, these hours will turn to me.
I am left unprotected and hopeless.
These hours will kill me.

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Comments (1)

such a powerful piece Elizabeth. My heart opens to you both. Well written. Shaun.