These Hours

wrapped in a camel colored
sweat-shirt with snaps
the ugliest thing i own
but it’s soft inside
& comforts me when i’m cold

the question is,
why do i feel cold

it’s 4: 00 am & i haven’t
slept a wink
not for lack of trying
i laid wide eyed
every muscle in my body ached
to move

i want to be a good girl
& sleep when 'normal'
people sleep
wake when they do as well

but i’ve failed,
& broken the rules
i’m forever breaking
someone’s rules

by Joyce Chelmo

Comments (3)

What rules! this one has just scored a ten if points matter, sleep well my darling! , Love Duncan X
To hell with their rules and the so-called 'normal' hours as well! Don't know if it was mentioned before, but I've done most of my writing in the wee hours when quietude is mine; no distractions whatsoever.
Dear Red, I get this one. I'm much the same, by nature I am a night owl and am more comfortable going to bed at 3 or 4 am than at a 'normal' time, whatever that is! The poem itself is well-written and offers readers the insight into the psyche of the night owl. Fine write. Best, Hugh