NIS (4 September 1915 - 14 April 2005 / Youngstown, Ohio)

These Hungry Ears

There is an opposite
Of love
That is unlove

Not hate

That's absent from
the scene
Not present as hate




Hate at least is there
forever vigilant

Maybe better for some
than this beast of uncaring

That mildly and insipidly answers
here when gone

And yes
without a thought

Yes indeed, there is an opposite
of love

That is not hate

That turns away from
the stray words and last thought

And on the budding dream
abstractedly closes the door

Gleefully perusing something else
closer and dearer....

But will not say to hungry ears
a thought out no, nor contemplative perhaps,
or any such tiny tidbit

That would so please and delight
these hungry ears....

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Comments (2)

True that indifference is more painful than hate. Thanks
It is a kind of self-cauterization, a protective blankness where too much was invested. Better a beast of uncare than the ghost of a half-skinned steer. (This image comes from a chilling story by Annie Proulx)