These I Shall Remember

Memories of the days in a vast cover of the sun,
The bright, cloudless skies above the hills,
The long scenic roads of home,
The grazing, lush pastures on the slopes,
The increase of green leaves on all the trees,
The music of the swift currents on the river,
The panoramic view of the setting sun,
The light of the first evening star.

The melancholy call of the Mourning Dove at dawn,
The hum of the bees on the fragrant wildflowers,
The voice of the wailing wind in the pinewood,
The soft patter of rain on the roof top,
The sight of the first robin in springtime,
The bright, red geraniums in full bloom,
The summer breeze on the fields of golden grain,
The picturesque landscape of the autumn season.

The fast moving storm clouds over the countryside,
The colorful rainbow at the end of the storm,
The sound of the angry waves thrashing the rocky shore,
The Mountain Laurel blooming late in the highlands,
The fields covered with a carpet of yellow dandelion flowers,
The rustle of the corn leaves in the wind,
The white daisies dominating the sides of the roadway,
The outstretched arms of the mighty oak.

The flock of wildlife in flight,
The deer feeding on tender growth,
The frisky squirrels leaping from tree to tree,
The sweet, sharp chirping of birds,
The full moon rising above the ridge on a crisp night,
The height of the white mass on the town,
The ice covered branches drooping to the roadway,
The smile of the young woman that attracted me.

These I shall remember. These are the memories I
Shall take with me to my final resting- place.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

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