Fishing Song

Fishing Song
(Two Pairs of Couplets●Quatrain)

Spring water fishing song pays attention to the dusty past in the human world
East wind giving strength careful to listen to peach blossoms under the pen in bloom
South Ridge listens to the pines, several leisure clouds, the purple swallows fly
West Lake enjoys the moon, ten bottles of beer, the moving reed flute

On November 2,2016, by Luo Zhihai, Poetry and Translation

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by Luo Zhihai

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They come to us in the winds that blow From the songs of angels drifting in the blue And we are merely streams that flow Catching those words as they fall in tune......
Very enjoyable read.....Thank you.
Remember each place And moment of grace, In summer or spring, Winter or autumn By sun, moon, stars, Or a coal in the bars, In market or church, Graveyard or dance, Nice work.
beautiful! thanks for sharing to us. I like it
Without search! ! Thanks for sharing.
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