These Moments In Time Are Mine

I do not need anyone paid,
And hired from the 'outside'...
To show me with 'their' experience,
What is best for me in the living of my life.
I've been diversified enough.

What it is that I am needing,
Are those advantages and opportunities...
Left by those others depict more qualified,
To enable me to use my acquired abilities.
With a benefit that leaves 'me' the receiver.

'I am only here to assist you,
With a doing that achieves success.'

If I am not mistaken,
My prior successes you claim were yours.
And I am in no mood,
To address the repeating of a mess...
You created and left me distressed.
I'll be fine.
Just drop the funds you brought to leave behind.

'What about your needs for administration? '

I've already experienced that 'penetration'.
With you pocketing from my sweat and frustration.
And no more will I sniff to get a whiff of your drift.
These moments in time are mine.
You need not attempt to redefine them for me.
You've successfully depleted yours.
On distant and foreign shores.
These moments in time are mine.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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