These Moments Seldom Arrive

There is no trust felt for someone,
The heart does not provide.
There is no convincing to be done.
This feeling does not hide.

There is not a word spoken that can be said,
To peel away or shed...
What the mind to the heart,
Shares and says.

If a comfort is missing...
Produced by a 'vibe' that dismisses it.
Do not insist with a persistence,
For something else that is wished.

A peace that is disturbed by an uneasy feeling...
Does not merit a welcome visit.
And being aware and conscious of it...
Saves one from despair.

And avoidance is the key!
Be it not with,
Or without...
An apology one needs.

These moments seldom arrive...
To offer a multiple choice.
It is what it is or isn't...
That's it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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