These Mountains

A vast wilderness of forest and streams
With life full and wild
The hum of the wind blowing through the trees
Gives essence for a smile
These mountains have a beauty and quiet in their forest
But motion and spirit still sings
Proud old trees-laden with years
Years enclosed by circling rings
The awesome power of the opening flower
And in the blue haze of the mountain peaks
Where the earth is thawed and warmed by the sun
And the voice of nature speaks
The crooked little streams where waters gently flow
And a far-a-way whippoorwill calls
Sometimes the snow and icicles form on the bubbling
water falls
The animals have fear - like the bear and the deer-
And green things grow in the mist of the rain
The sun retires when each day is done -
As the darkness and shadows remain
These mountains gladdens and intrigues the heart
Magnificent in the joy they are giving
They hold the secrets of their dead
And promise a future for their living.

by Margie Ogle

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