These Nuts Are All Over The Place

Snipping those cackles that crack,
To chatter in 'meows' like a pack of cats...
Sounding too much like a stepping on dried leaves,
On an Autumn stroll through a quiet park.

And there they are...
As if granted a clearing by Mother Nature!
Pecking in a group like a bunch of hens.
Only to silence themselves,
When the appearance of a stranger interrupts...
To repeat to get their attention:
'Good morning, ladies! '

~You do not have to shout, young man.
A simple hello will do.~

As you can see,
Our favorite place to meet...
Has attracted other creatures of your creation.
I'll do my very best...
With patience,
To find another spot!

No need to stare at us.
We are having A and B conversations.
Continue to C your way through the park.~

God loves us all!
Don't You, Father?

~He talks to trees.
Leave him alone, Esther.
These nuts are all over the place.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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