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These Old Feelings

You brought back all these old feelings
Now its all just tearing me apart
I thought we were meant to be
Now Im not sure anymore
What all you said was true or what
But one thing I do know
Is that these feelings hurt
They hurt me more than anything
Anything that i have ever felt before
I dont know if this pain will ever go away
But I sure hope it can
Cause I cant hold it in much longer
This feeling which you caused is killing me
Killing me slowly
Torturing me here
If I go will you be able to handle the guilt
For the task which you have caused
I think Im over you
But Im not
It hurts me even more when ever I see you
But I will never show this to you
Cause I want one of us to be happy
I sure hope that you are happy with this disicision
In which you so selficiusly have chosen
I dont know if I will ever even love anyone the same way
For I loved you more than anything ever
I thought you felt the same way also
For I thought we were in love
But I guess you dont even know what love really means
This is my farewell
For I dont think I will ever love you the same way again
Youve lost your chance
This is the end for you and me

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