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These People

These people,
These people all living unfair,
So unjust,
Some women beat up children like nothing else,
I saw it,
Could not believe it,
Some other's frustrate nephews,
Life is all fair that is what they said,
I still can never believe these people,
Say that they care,
But in reality they are somewhere else,
You are seen,
All the bad that you do to people,
Just be careful of all that you do,
They are watching you,

Me too must be watching,
But in the God of prophecy,
Have faith in the new World,
The new calling,
The new signs,
Oh! , what a new day,
These are the days,
Beware of unbelievers,
Walk with those that are caring and able to assist in love and God's Wisdom of Truth.

by maxpoet beauty

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