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These Prices Paid
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

These Prices Paid

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

For centuries...
Haven't we've been tricked into believing,
'Something' of a higher intelligence
Is there to relieve us of our repeated sins...
With compassion?
And observances have agreed!
There is!
It is unanimous.
It is called...
Awareness of Ignorance Displayed.
It 'would' seem
Once that was known and respected,
A prevention of repeated suffering sinks in!

Remember the 'old' days?
When such revered biblical sayings such as...
'Spare the rod and spoil the child' was effective?
My mother seemed to have known that one quite well!
And that message was delivered to my sister and I.
We had no problem understanding my mother's interpretation.

Since then...
We as a society have allowed 'educated' jerks
To become spokesmen for God!
Some will even brag about their PHd's from pulpits!
Creating their own committees of representation,
To indoctrinate congregations.

And people giving birth today,
Are afraid of the monsters they have raised...
By 'quiet' time techniques and forms of punishment used,
To ease tensions!
'Go to your room! '
With computer, DVD's, video games, cellphones with video capabilities.
Wide screen TV's and supplied snacks...
I would have loved to have been 'that' punished!

These 'kids' are groomed to pack a weapon in backpacks,
Before cracking open a book!
To make sure they are prepared to exchange evilness!
And their parents are packing churches...
Praying to becomed freed of their own deeds and actions!

Wouldn't it be easier and quicker,
If they all hired psychiatrists that were magicians?
Why should we all continue to pay
For their blatant stupidity displayed!
At today's escalating prices!
Bob Barker retired from the Price Is Right!
He obviously knew something we didn't!
These prices paid...
Are getting excessively wrong!

I ask again!
Why should we all continue to pay,
For other folks' blatant stupidity displayed?
That's the question I would like God to answer!

No tithing I have 'ever' done,
Has lowered my taxes!
Nor decreased the abundance of incompetence...
Everyone seems to be gloating they have,
As if it is a fashion statement!
However and furthermore,
I know my participation during the 'money walk' on Sundays...
Has assisted in the purchase of a Mercedes,
Or two!
And a few silk suits!

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