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These Scars

When the cracks of my heart can be seen
Collect the broken pieces of me
I've become part of the puzzle that once was us
Take the tokens of my soul and sprinkle them inside the pixie dust
These scars show where I've been
My heart tells you where I'm going
That doesn't mean I'm caving in
It sees all of my stars that are glowing
Ocean tides wash away the sins
Until it silences the unknowing
A rendering duet is among the dust
Never sounded like rain before
The storm came and all it left was us
And earth's secrets began to pour
I'll be wearing my crown
If you look for me don't go very far
I'm waiting in the moon looking down
Granting all of your wishes upon the stars
Watching the fire inside the lightning hear the thunder as it sounds
Disappearing into the clouds with these scars...

by Gianna Jett

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Memories! With these scars of life. Thanks for sharing.