These Scars You'Ve Caused Me

What is so wrong with you?
You make me feel depressed and blue.
A week went by.
You made me want to cry.

Weeping in self pity, I did not.
Over what I did, my friends and I fought.
These scars you have given me,
Emotional or not...there they will always be.

But emotional? Not these scars.
These scars make me feel like I'm always behind bars.
I remember how these scars came to be.
I remember all the blood I used to see.

Some people say attention it was for,
If this happened to you, what could you do more?
Some ask, 'When did you, and what did you do it with? '
I reply, 'I did it with a knife on the fifth.'

Most people wonder why on Earth I do it.
I say because a piece of me comes off bit by bit,
After each time he breaks my heart,
And after every time he rips it apart.

Since my heart people cannot see,
I pierce a part of my skin on me.
These are the scars you've caused me.
They will be my lifetime fee.

by Sam Smith

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