These Scented Laments

Senses intensed in scented laments,
Are often bittersweet...
When they arrive to come,
Unexpectedly from places...
To sit with them reminisced,
With a doing without anyone's consent.
I have learned I can not prevent them.

It does not matter where I am,
Or where I go...
I know.
I can not prevent them.
They are everywhere I go to know,
I allow them to begin those sentiments.

And here I am...
As if held hostage,
With these scented laments...
I've become convinced are mine alone to keep.
And here I am sometimes to weep,
For those I've known...
That have drifted away I pray is in an eternal peace.

And here I am...
As if held in a sudden captivity,
With reminders of those I will always miss.
Yet hoping these scented laments that visit,
Come as they do but quickly go away.
Since to wish for those times to return but now gone...
Stay in my mind 'and' too prolonged.
And I must go on to live each tomorrow without sorrow.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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