These Sophisticated Days

There are still many living,
Who remember when...
Having a conscious willingness,
To not tell the truth.
Use to be regarded as lies told.
By one who is a liar.

Those who lie,
With this to do intentionally.
In these sophisticated days we live.
Have options from which to choose.
They do.
Approved are their lies to tell.
If they insist,
They had made a prior agreement...
To re-arrange reality to tweak it a bit.
Fitting the seriousness of the occasion.
Then any lie told that conflicts with truth,
To have been approved...
With permission given.
Will be accepted and dismissed,
As an absence of knowledge...
Of anyone producing the evidence of it.

"You lied!
We have proof of it videoed.
And also you obviously doing this."

-I object to your evidence.
I too have documented proof.
Of having been given permission,
To say I have no memory of admitting anything.-

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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