These Starlit Secrets: (July 27th,2020)

Poem By Dominic Windram

These starlit secrets
Travel on the summer wind,
At late evening time.
They move through the air,
Like comets with brilliant tails.
They enchant our consciousness
In myriad ways.
They permeate our dreaming

Comments about These Starlit Secrets: (July 27th,2020)

And I hope I spelled grammatical right.
A worthy poem that is deserving of another worthy reread and worthy full score as well. And Dominic there are so called people/poets/life's idiots on here who couldn't find their grammatical a r s e in the grammatical dark.
Dominic nicely imagined and very well written poem delving into one's consciousness. A true breath of fresh air poem to inhale. A full score and many thanks. Take care and I wish you well.
To the ' Professor of Poetry', whose ill conceived comments I have just removed from this page, the plural form is correct as it refers to 'secrets' which are ' starlit' (note that is an adjective) and not 'stars'. Please take my advice, because I think you need it. Why don't you enrol on a course in basic English, before you make more egregious comments on other members' poetry which you are often inclined to do?

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