These Tears Will Run Dry

I walk in the halls
Without a sound
Taking everything in
Observing what I surround
I could talk
But I have nothing left to say
And I could keep still
But there’s no reason left to stay
All I ever want to do is go straight home
Keep to myself and be alone
I realized I really miss having you here
And knowing that you're not going to be there
Made me force myself to at least 'pretend' like I don't care
I don't know if this is really good or bad
Because this particular feeling
I can't really say that I’ve had
I always had YOU
And being apart made me force myself to get use to
So I stay quiet not saying a word
Keeping to myself
Just the same as the mocking bird
And sometimes here and there I allow myself to cry
But I know sooner or later
These tears will all run dry

by Shilesha Johnson

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