These Things You Must Know

Each of the little words you wrote
placed in a prefect location clinging
embracing, drawing other words in
into a glowing hug-were important
to keep this bridge between us
permanently reaching out
to each other.

You must know that morning roses
and evening perfumes were kissed
by your complete tenderness
and all I could do was wish upon a star
your universe and mine would mingle
in that eternal oneness
that we created from each others souls.

You must know that all this longing
was born in a distinct realm
which we understood so well
and yet we have never met.
How do we know these simple things
without any explanation?
There must be a heartbeat
that we shared in some other lifetime?

You must know that simplicity
is a combination of complexities
and all that we say and do
revolves around the others living moments.
What else is there for us to know
in a lifetime of discovery.

Author Notes

© Marshall Gass. All rights reserved, a month ago

by Marshall Gass

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