FK (19/10/1958 / Accra-Ghana)

These Three Days

l sat down and watched
the sun dried all that l had
hoped for and made my dreams
a drought in my life because
no water can bring back to life
all that has gone wrong with me.

You would not understand but,
my yesterday passed by with a lot
of pains that l have to carry all my life.

I went to sow and nothing came up yesterday
the crops refused to follow science and remained
where they were put refusing to answer any call.

Then came my today,
which started with hope but
with the appearance of the sun,
it has become clearer to me that
this day would not be different from
what happened to me yesterday.

The pains that were inflicted on me
yesterday has remained with me today
to remind me of the sorrows that
life has not treated me well.

That is why l have chosen
to sit back and watch through
the horizon of life what darkness
or light my tomorrow would come with.

I shall wait and hope that this
darkness that has surrounded me
will come wih some light to give
me some comfort,

by Francis Kokutse

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