These Times Can'T Last Forever

'These times can't last forever,
GOD! '
My mother, Edna, seem to always say,
To herself...
While putting a belt to my sister, Mimmie
And me...
As if she made to us promises,
We would 'never' forget.
And somehow GOD would agree.'

~Why is 'she' the one crying? ~
*Would you shut up.*

She was right.
Those times seemed to have moved on.'

'These times can't last forever! '
People are heard to say,
Those exact words today.
But not with the same conviction,
My mother had expressed.

They too are right.
Like it or not,
These times are not here to stay.
Not the way they are.

And experience should teach...
For better or worse,
These times we live now...
Will from us leave!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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